eBay Mobile app for Android updated with selling functionality

Good news for mobile eBay sellers. The auction company revamped its Android application allowing users to actually sell stuff while not on their computer. Using your Android-powered device, you will be able to list an item from start to finish and even include up to 8 photos. What’s more, you can rely on RedLaser’s barcode scanning technology to prefill item details for an array of products. Moreover there are options to revise items from your “Active Selling” list, relist them from the “Unsold” list, “Sell one like this” capability (when viewing a similar item on eBay), as well as the ability to schedule an auction (start immediately or choose a later date), end an active auction, mark an item as shipped, and contact the buyer right from within the app.

In addition, eBay for Android now rocks an updated home screen, more options for refining search results (condition, free shipping, location, completed listings and sold items only) and the view of your own feedback ratings and recent comments from eBay members. Finally there are tons of changes under the hood, fixing a number of bugs and bringing performance improvements.

Official eBay Android App (FREE) [Android Market link]

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