Apple files ITC complaint against Samsung, escalating legal battle

The legal tussle between Apple and Samsung seems nearly endless with lawsuits and complaints being filed just about everywhere they can be filed. This time, Apple has taken to the ITC, just as Samsung did last week, to file a complaint against the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab maker. Just like the complaint brought against the iPhone maker, Apple wants to block the import of Samsung smartphones and tablets into the U.S.

The fight began when Apple alleged that Samsung lacked any innovation and originality, and that iPhone and iPad designs were blatantly copied. The Korean manufacturer attacked back when it filed a lawsuit against Apple stating that the iPhone maker infringed on wireless technology patents. Soon after, Apple brought the legal clash to South Korea, Samsung’s home base.

This has gone on back and forth until Samsung pulled a lawsuit against Apple in order to streamline its legal proceedings, especially since its fight with the iPhone and iPad maker is global:

The ITC case, which could be heard in 15 to 18 months if the commission agrees to investigate, opens a second front in which Cupertino, California-based Apple is trying to slow Samsung’s Galaxy products before they can eat into the iPhone and iPad markets in the U.S. Apple last week filed a request in federal court in San Jose, California, asking that sales of the Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G, Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1 be halted until a patent-infringement trial can be held.

Samsung, the world’s second-largest maker of mobile phones, is involved in legal battles with Apple in at least four countries. Apple filed the first lawsuit in April, claiming Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung’s Galaxy phone and tablet “slavishly” copy the iPhone and iPad.

Despite the ongoing legal onslaught between the two companies, they still remain in business with each other as the Cupertino-based company is a major components buyer for Samsung.

[Via: Bloomberg]


  • Crazypod

    i hope samsung “runs out” of screens for apples precious iPhones, causing apple to lose massive amounts of money in lost sales. mite actually be able to go a week without seeing apple fighting another useless fight in the courts

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