Nielsen: Smartphone gaming on the rise; iPhone lead gaming platform

Well, mobile phone users – it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag. All of your hours of playing mobile games such as Angry Birds has finally been tracked by Nielsen and apparently approximately 64% of you play games on your mobile device. Bravo!

According to Nielsen’s latest findings, Games is the most popular app category with 64% of mobile phone owners play games, which has risen from 61% last year. Nielsen also found iPhone gamers play games twice as much on their device at 14.7 hours a month compared to other mobile platforms, such as Android at 9.3 hours, Windows Phone 7 at 4.7 hours, and Blackberry at 4.5 hours.

I’m not surprised to hear the iPhone is the leading gaming platform as many publishers and developers have been showing their support for the iPhone as its a much easier platform to support compared to fragmented Android and Windows Phone 7 OS market. Gaming can still be considered in its infancy on Android, and has barely even gotten off the ground with Windows Phone 7 in comparison to the iPhone. As soon as Google finally gets its Google Alliance ready to combat OS fragmentation, I’m sure we’ll see gaming rise even higher when publishers and developers start supporting the Android OS as much as iOS.

[Source: Nielsen, Via: Computerworld]

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