Download the new Android Market app today!

Only few hours after Google officially announced the new/upcoming Android Market, the APK file was leaked. The information comes from the Twitter user @Eminembdg who was nice enough to release the application to the general public before the search giant officially does so. In that sense, I assume this may not be the full version, but so far no one seems to complain. And besides you can always uninstall the app if it makes your device crash or something.

You can download Android Market version 3.0.26 from here. Then simply install it as you would any other APK file and you’re done. In case the new market doesn’t work for you or makes your phone act a little wonky, hit “Settings” -> “Manage Applications”, select “Market” and then tap “Uninstall Updates.” You’re back to the default Android Market.

As far as we know, every Android smartphone running Android 2.2 and higher will work with the new Android Market…

[Via: Phandroid, XDA]

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