Apple launching contract-free iPhone for $350 this year?

Apple is reportedly launching a contract-free iPhone this year for the low price of $350. Typically, an out-of-contract iPhone model fetches anywhere between $600-700, so this is a pretty big deal for those who want the Apple smartphone without the burden of signing a contract. Last month, Apple decided to start selling the iPhone 4 contract-free in the U.S., so it’s nice to see a less expensive option possibly on the horizon.

According to BGR, an off-contract or prepaid iPhone might be the iPhone 3GS. If there is plenty of stock left over, this makes sense, although users will be limited to only 8GB of storage space if we’re talking about the current 3GS model being sold by AT&T.

BGR also happened to confirm that the iPhone 5, or the next generation Apple smartphone we might see this fall, is a radical new design.

We reported that we were able to independently confirm that the iPhone 5 featured a radical new design, however this source of ours isn’t quite sure that will be the next iPhone. Whether it’s the iPhone 4S or 5, it will be coming out or “at least announced by the end of Summer, late August-ish.” They theorized that we’d have seen new 3rd party cases by now if the upcoming iPhone featured a different exterior, though Apple has surely been cracking down on their case specification leaks.

At the end of summer or early fall this year, we expect to hear word of the new smartphone from Apple. For those of you getting tired of all the iPhone rumors and speculation, or you just can’t wait for the new model to come out already, the end is near and the new phone approaches.

Are you currently off contract looking for a decent smartphone to fill your prepaid or month-to-month needs? Would this be of interest to you at all? Let us know what you think, and whether you think the price is a fair deal in the comments.

[Via: BGR]

  • Scottfriedrich98

    Been waiting all summer to hear if this is true or not I hope it is!!

    • Anonymous

      I definitely think it’d be a great deal as far as unlocked or prepaid phones go.

  • Mike Rios

    The only interest this gives me is in what this’ll do the prices of other pre-paid (Android) smartphones, and the effect something like this will have on the wireless industry in the US in general. Imagine if anyone could get an iPhone regardless of their carrier preference and/or budget?!? Forget At&t and Tmobile merging, this has the potential of swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction by changing the general consumer perception of pre-paid carriers here in the states! Gone in one day is the stigma they carry! I for one would love a cell phone market similar to the one found in Europe. Imagine being able to get the newest Dual Core monster next to a Pre-Paid iPhone! Can you also imagine what this will mean to phone’s like the as yet unreleased Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile with an expected price of $299.99? Come late summer ,or fall I see Triumph’s price plummeting, providing it’s true of course! The shot heard around the US, the pre-paid iPhone. A guy can wish…

  • This would be a great strategy by Apple.

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