Is this the new iPhone 5?

With iPhone 5 rumors in a flurry, we caught a glimpse of what could have been the iPhone 5 last week. However, the photo was blurry and grainy, and it was shot at a distance so we couldn’t get a good look at it. This time around, high-resolution photos have surfaced, and it looks like these images could be representative of the real thing.

The claim is that the photo above is a Chinese clone of the upcoming iPhone 5, and since we’ve seen some pretty accurate clones before, it’s not too crazy to think that these pictures are far off from the real deal. It looks like the clone of the iPhone 5 is a hybrid of the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. It keeps some of its flat surfaces, but adds some curves to the sides. If this is what we can look forward to in terms of design, I’d be happy – the curves do add a more organic feel in the hand.

Word is that this clone is 7mm thick. Or should I say thin? It’s possible that the actual model will be thicker, given a difference in innards, but what if the iPhone 5 is even thinner than the current model? At some point, you’d think that battery size and life will have to be sacrificed along with the awkward feeling of holding an incredibly thin smartphone.

Will we finally see what Apple has up its sleeves this October? Let’s hope so. All these rumors, images and hysteria is driving me a little crazy.

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • Looks like a G2x, just saying. Lol

  • Alphared

    Looks like the real deal to me!  Looks great 🙂  Get in mah pocket!

    • Anonymous

      It looks like the real thing to me, too. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  • Cellularcrazy09

    I dunno.  All the iphone fakes before it were blatantly fakes! If it is a fake than I don’t know what is true and what isn’t.  All I know is I will be preordering the sucker the first second I can!!!!

  • Fixxmyhead

    Looks like the vibrant maybe samsung should sue apple lol

  • Leroy Farted

    Oh, look, a…….. phone…..that costs more than a computer. :p When does iphone 6 get leaked?

  • Shaun Collins

    I can’t wait to put my Death Grip on this thing.

  • Anonymous

    Boooooooooorrrrrrring!!! Apple has had their heads up their as$€$ while RIM has produced the beautiful Torch 9850.

    • Ommie72

      Don’t knock apple just yet!

  • Ommie72

    I can’t wait to get my iphone 5 to be up to date with the latest and greatest technology; because this mytouch 4g has had it’s day!!

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