Skype for iPad launched for real this time

After a false start this morning, the Skype video and voice calling app for the iPad has been released. All of the standard bells and whistles are included, like instant messaging, friends list management, SMS texting, and of course video and voice calls to other Skype users as well as land lines. No multi-user video chat unfortunately, but there are other apps available for that sort of thing.

Skype has quickly become the standard for consumer-facing voice-over-IP apps, thanks in no small part to polished mobile apps like this one. Of course, the odd carrier and manufacturer partnership doesn’t hurt. While RIM and Apple are busy trying to push closed video calling systems, one of Skype’s biggest selling points is that it can be used between any two different platforms, including traditional phone lines.  The Android app has been available for some time now, and with Microsoft set to acquire Skype, Windows Phone support seems inevitable. The BlackBerry fans are probably set to pass out from holding their breath for the PlayBook app.

Even if you don’t have an iPad 2, with its front-facing camera, you can still install it on the original and just receive incoming video calls. Here’s a demo video, and if you want to get started right away, there’s a download link below. More information on features are over here.


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