You can buy a Windows 8 tablet on eBay right now

Remember those Samsung Windows 8 tablets Microsoft gave out at BUILD? Well, if you’re really jonesing to get your hands on the next generation of Microsoft’s operating system in a touch-friendly environment, you can get one on eBay but it’s going to be costly.

There are multiple listings for the Samsung Windows 8 tablet and some auctions are reaching over $3,500. Of course, you can download the software right now from Microsoft’s developer website but the hardware itself is pretty nice, even if it comes with a fan: 11.6-inch screen, Intel second-gen i5 processor, 64 GB storage, 4 GB of RAM and all the sensors you’d want.

For a taste of what you’d be getting for this purchase, check out the video below that I took at BUILD. I swear I’m not the one selling it, as the media was forced to return the tablet. And please don’t think this is a sign that developers don’t care for Windows 8, as every time there’s a major giveaway at a conference, you inevitably see those up on eBay.

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