ON Voicefeed updated with voice-to-text, location VoiceTags and more

ON Voicefeed updated with voice-to-text, location VoiceTags and more

Orange Vallée, an R&D arm of the Orange Group, updated its voicemail app for iPhone – ON Voicefeed. There are several new features included in this release (version 1.7), such as:

  • Free voice-to-text transcription for premium users.
  • Three new Localization VoiceTags – &address, &city and &country – which are added to users’ location for their greeting messages so your contacts know exactly where you are.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter so you can see latest tweets or status updates from the people who are calling you.
  • Ability to see exactly how long each voicemail you receive is, so you can decide if you have enough time to listen.

The “old” features remain on place, allowing you to organize contacts into groups and then play a different message for different people calling you.

Sounds complicated? Actually it isn’t, as you’re about to see from a short demo video.

A free version of ON Voicefeed with a limit of three personal greetings, one generic greeting, one month’s worth of message storage and simple email voicemail alerts is available to download from the App Store and works on most UK/US networks. For unlimited personal greetings, there is an unlimited storage period and to receive email alerts with the voicemails attached users can purchase the premium option in-app for just £6.99/$9.99 per year.

ON Voicefeed (FREE) [iTunes link]

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