Foursquare shows us where we shop on Black Friday

Black Friday Foursquare

Foursquare users love to check-in and share their location with their friends. Whether they realize it or not, they are also sharing their location information with Foursquare, which can use this data to produce infographics like the one above. This timely composition details when and where Foursquare users were shopping on Black Friday last year.

The graph reveals that most users took Thanksgiving off and didn’t check-in to their Thanksgiving dinner. Shame on you for not becoming the mayor of your Aunt Margaret’s house. After they stuffed themselves full of poultry, Foursquare users were on the move and gave up their location everywhere they went on Black Friday. And they went to many, many places. Typically, the busy shopping day of the holiday season, it also appears to be the busiest check-in day for Foursquare.

Despite all the midnight sales, most Foursquare users are not early birds and do their shopping during the daylight hours. They like to shop department stores (22 percent) and malls (16 percent), but rarely are found in a bookstore, drug store or home furnishing store.  Not surprisingly, the top retailers for check-ins are the ones with the largest Black Friday sales and include Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Do you plan on using Foursquare to map your route when the holiday shopping season kicks off on Black Friday?

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Black Friday Foursquare

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