Hidden Google Search feature helps you find mobile apps

Google Mobile Search

Searching for mobile applications just got  a whole lot easier with Google’s search category for applications. I’m not sure when this category debuted on the Google search results page, but it was just noticed by the folks at the Google Operating System blog.

All you have to do is search for a keyword and look in the left hand bar on the search results page. Click on “More” to view additional search categories and you will find “Applications.” Click on the Applications link and a filter will limit the search results to just apps. All the iTunes, Android Market and Windows Market links will appear at the top.

It’s a great tip for locating an app that has a common name like “Grocery List Maker” or “Coupon Cutter.” Any search for those terms would pull up a ton of non-app results that you must wade through before you find your app. This new search filter brings those apps straight to the top of the list. It’s a useful tool for mobile phone owners and a big help for app developers whose  titles can get some premium search placement.

[Google Operating System]

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