Samsung Galaxy Nexus set for a December launch

The official launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus continues to be a mystery. There has been so many rumors and misinformation about the device since the phone was announced almost a month ago, when Sammy and Google said the handset would be available in November. Well, November is coming to a close, and without some miracle the phone will more than likely miss its deadline.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on Verizon in December instead, according to Business Insider. Unfortunately, there still no word on pricing or an exact release date. This news isn’t that surprising because many people believed the phone’s official release date was going to roll into December anyway.

There’s no doubt that many folks will be disappointed, but I look at differently. This gives Google more time to work out all the bugs and kinks that was recently reported in its U.K. GSM version that was launched last week. Subscribers from U.K. wireless carrier O2, complained that their Galaxy Nexus phones suffered from a volume bug, which made the volume go up and down without the user controlling it. With this latest commitment for a December launch, Google and Verizon should have more than enough time to fix this with the release of its LTE version.

Are you disappointed with the push back of the release or are you still going to buy the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich phone?

[via BI]


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