Nokia Lumia 800 sales through the roof, gives Windows Phone a needed boost

No one doubted the Nokia Lumia 800 would be one of the most popular Windows Phone handsets on the market and recent sales numbers in the Netherlands and France are proving that theory to be correct.

KPN, the largest mobile carrier in the Netherlands, is now boasting that the Nokia Lumia 800 is its best selling phone as of yesterday. Considering the extensive iPhone 4S sales that have been continuously reported since its launch, you can imagine just how well the Lumia 800 is doing.

To meet high demand, Nokia is expected to increase supply orders by as much as 20 percent in 2012. DigiTimes reports:

“Keypad and metal chassis maker Silitech saw its consolidated revenues grow 3.1% on month and 6.8% on year to NT$1.34 billion (US$44.33 million) in November, thanks to orders for aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis from Nokia, the sources indicated.”

Nokia and supply makers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Lumia 800. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has had a relatively small user base thanks to a combination of things, such as sub-par hardware. The Lumia comes along and is said to be increasing the Windows Phone install base and overall awareness. Mango added a high level of polish to the OS, so Microsoft definitely deserves the attention.

In five weeks, the Nokia Lumia 800 became the top selling Windows Phone device. It’s not even on shelves in the United States yet, though T-Mobile and Nokia just today announced a special event for December 14th, so that might be changing soon.

[via DigiTimes and WMPowerUser]

  • Awesome News, I hope  this wakes up Samsung and HTC and focus more on Windows Phones than Android .. Oh yea by the way Android is Killing HTC, I think that money train has reached its peak. and people are going to start looking at security and not crashing devices.

  • quintus murray

    A friggin miracle!!!!!!!!!! hell froze over nokia made a phone ppl actually want HOLY SHIT NOKIA WHO ARE YOU

  • Alex

    nokia lumia is the best phone…… is back with bang

  • faust445

    just as the iphone and android made windows phones look like ancient, stone age devices, so now the new windows phone lumia makes the iphone and android phones – with their garage-sale style icons littering the interface all over the place – look inadequate !

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  • iphone is crap against windows phone

  • Me

    Someone omitted Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone on the graph, guess why?

    • Because all the devices are Windows Phone devices noodle brain. 

      • Ambrosio

        Thats a rude answer you *astard lame, as*ho*e. And actually, yes, Nokia bet is an ex Microsoft employee move who carry ALL Microsoft s*it on himself, basically: they doesn’t listen to customers.

        • Rob

          People should actually read the story before posting their misguided comments. It’s a comparison of Windows Phones, neither of which are the Galaxy S2 or iPhone.

  • terry wassall

    this  is the best phone on the market second to non
    have had nokia phone allways and this is the best up to yet keep up the good work
    terry birmingham

  • Smradlava Spina

    WP is unusable locked-in crap from shady Microsoft. It lacks even basic functionality and the marketpalce has no apps. Wasted money. Too bad MS bribed Nokia to ditch their own and much better systems.

    • Anonymous

      You are an uninformed liar, and an ahole.

      • Patrick

        Sorry to read this unaducated reply. I own a Lumia 800 since a few weeks and I must say it is a great phone.  The only thing I miss is the ability to connect my laptop to the internet through the phone, but this functionality is announced for the second quarter. No complaint from my side so far and don’t worry, I am no Microsoft or Nokia fan. I selected the phone because of it’s responsiveness and look and feel.

    • partly open source code and, 50.000+ apps. you sir are terribly uninformed.

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