Verizon shared data plans coming in 2012

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said that Verizon Wireless plans to offer shared or family data plans sometime in 2012 and look for other carriers to follow suit too.

McAdam said that people are tired of paying for a smartphone data plan and also having to pay for a data plan on their tablet or USB modem. Additionally, if you’re on a family plan and want to have multiple smartphones, each smartphone has to have its own data plan. That should be changing by next year and users should be able to purchase a “bucket” of data which can be spread across multiple devices and across multiple lines.

“I think in 2012 we will see it,” McAdam said, according to FierceWireless. “We have been working on this for a couple of years. Getting to one bill and getting to account-level pricing is our goal.”

A shared data plan is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time, as having mobile data built into a tablet is a fantastic convenience but it’s not worth shelling out for another two-year contract. There’s no word on what the pricing would be but we’re coalescing around $10 per GB (look at some of the data overage charges). While I would love a truly unlimited plan for all my devices, I think $50 for 5 GB of data across all your Verizon devices could be fair.

How much would you pay for a shared data plan?

[Via FierceWireless]

  • MrWindows

    I currently have three unlimited $30 data plans on my AT&T FamilyTalk account. I’ve thought about going down to the tiered plans but I’m wary about getting stuck with an unexpectedly high data bill. With Premier I get a discount, so it comes down to $23.40 or so. I think 2x the Unlimited price, or $60/month would be fair. I also think that texting should be included, though, which I currently pay an additional $30/month for the Unlimited Family Plan.

    • Asap

      that’s crazy….$120 a month for data/texting.  I will forever have a non-smart phone until data can be shared…my daughters works and pays for her $25 data plan.  I use a computer for internet purposes…LOL

  • Westty24

    I’d pay no additional money for it, it should be added to my unlimited data plan free of charge

  • Children and light users who can not use their iPhone at work are getting ripped off by not allowing a share plan or allowing a 1gb plan. I mean my daughter just got an iPhone, she almost always uses it on Wifi as does my wife and oldest daughter in college. It makes no sense paying 90 dollars a month when our total data usage is a mere 1gb or less for all 3 smart phones-i still have an old phone and will not get a smart phone as I refuse to add 120 dollars onto the already inflating prices known in VZ as bill creep…it has been with VZ since forever. Our total bill with unlimited text and emails etc. was about 110 a month only 2 years ago with  shared voice of 900 minutes for about 59.99 plus 10 for each additional line. Now its a bill of almost 250 a month and adding international calling plan for 4 bucks a month with calls costing 10 cents a month with a plan is just absurd. I can not afford to pay 240 a month for wireless, and then pay 250 a month for my BUNDLED FIOS and VZ is not offering to bundle wireless with FIOS and so there is no incentive to keep VZ wireless if they do not merge companies as they well should. Land lines are a thing of that past and VZ should be allowing Cell phones to use Wifi or links on their fiber optic network to offset and defray costs for them–they need to keep data capacity lower and by charging for it make me say-hell with it -use their data network-why let them charge for a service that cost them much more than FIOS date rates when we are doing them a favor going wifi all the time on smart phones-sure why have a smart phone if you don’t use them much? Well tell that to your wife and kid who are only ones without an iPhone-and its a cool device. I just am sick to death of the corporate greed at VZ. They lie, change plans at drop of hat, notify you in email without legal notice being legible by anyone but an attorney and complaining to BBB is a way but even though it might work it is a hassle. Why can’t they just be fair. Sure we hear bundling of data is coming-but knowing VZ they will offer minimum of 5gb to bundle saving all of 1 gb or maybe 3gb if I pick up a smart phone. It is just sickening that they are so greedy. Sure they are a good service provider but the monopoly is back and ATT and VZ are the monopoly Judge Green split and its back together again-Humpty Dumpty! I will put up with this for another year tops and then I am out, will go back to cable, pick up Vonage (wish they had ATT Callvantage the best VOIP service in last 10 years and why it was cancelled is beyond me-ATT greed but if you have the best charge more-it was far better than any landline service-features were amazing–and Vonage sucks in comparison though its prices are good)…..alas. Phone co. is still run by the monopolies and One Ringy Dingy operator Lily Tomlin can still say-WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO- FIRE US? We are the phone co. Sadly they have us where they want us–suckers-but with economy going down people can not pay 250 a month for wireless and 250 for triple play-that is 500 a month! Sure we get more but not that much more to justify 5 beans a month. Sick and tired of being sick and tired of Verizon. US Cellular is my next stop..or Sprint…

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