Are cell phones bad for your health? [Infographic]

We’ve been through the whole “does cell phone radiation harm us?” debate but an interesting infographic from Mezzmer asks if there are some more health concerns we should be worried about with these devices.

Of course, Mezzmer sells eye glasses, so it’s in its best interest to promote that cell phones could damage your eyesight but some of the other facts are pretty interesting. We’ve been tooting the horn about how dangerous texting while driving is, so I wanted to call out one of the bullet points in this infographic: “Talking on teh phone increases your chances of a car crash by four – as much as driving while intoxicated.”

Stay safe and healthy out there.

[Via Mezzmer]

  • Andrew Clary

    This article is nothing more than scaremongering and complete garbage. I’ve used perscription lenses since I was 12, long before computers were in a classroom, much less in pockets and embedded in phone technology. And with my regular eye exams, I can boldly say my vision hasn’t changed more than 20%, even through puberty, over 15 years ago, This icludes spending well over 9 hours a day for the last 10 years as both Web Developer and Systems Administrator.

    For “how to avoid tinnitus”, you include both avoiding loud music and silence. Exactly how is avoiding silence supposed to prevent ringing in your ears? And this isn’t caused by cell-phones alone. In fact, some cell-phones have volume limiters and warnings on them that let you know you’re getting too loud with the volume of your earpiece that prevent you from over exposure. But that still doesn’t explain the decades of phone use before cell phones where hearing loss wasn’t an issue. Even now modern devices have higher fidelity and produce better sounds than older telephones did.

    Of course it’s hard to believe much of anything in this infographic when studies change weekly about things like cell phone radiation causing brain tumors. I guess you started this one during a week where it was bad for you. Or maybe you forgot the previous week’s where results showed otherwise. After all, seems your memory only goes back to when 4G mobile technology was just a Powerpoint presentation slide. Of course, from your profile picture you look like you were barely alive when cell phones were taking off in the first place, if at all.

    • Don’t be so angry

      Forever alone guy cares way too much about an infographic. 

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