Report: Next iPhone to feature quad-core processor

DigiTimes is reporting today that the next-generation iPhone will indeed have a quad-core processor inside, according to “industry sources.” Because of intense competition from vendors like HTC, Samsung, LG, and others, the inclusion of a faster processor with more cores would be a big win for Apple. Specifically, Apple is said to be using Samsung’s Exynos 4 processor for the upcoming iPhone model, which is due out this fall.

At the end of May, 9to5Mac was able to dig deep into iOS 6 beta to reveal some information about the specifications of the next iPhone. The findings include that it will most likely have 1GB of RAM, an upgrade from the iPhone 4S’s 512MB. They weren’t able to figure out for sure whether the processor would be dual-core or quad-core except that it’ll probably stick with the A5 name, but that could mean anything.

Other highly publicized rumors for the next iPhone are a larger 4-inch display that keeps the high pixel density by most likely increasing the number of pixels in one direction, a complete redesign of the casing with metallic materials on the back, and a smaller 30-pin dock connector. Since it’s very likely to be announced and released this fall, we still have plenty of time to hear even more rumors about the coveted device.

The upcoming iPhone is expected to be a large upgrade over the iPhone 4S. Apple’s pattern usually goes from major to minor to major and since the iPhone 4 to 4S was considered minor (as was 3G to 3GS) we have a lot to look forward to this time around.

[via DigiTimes]

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  • sue samsung, get their products banned, apple uses their processors. tell apple so suck it and take 2 more years to make their own processor. #boycottApple

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    Anyone that thinks that the next iPhone is going to have a quad core processor (especially the exynos quad core) is insane. Rember how long it took apple to go to dual core. Its not going to happen this year. And seriously, I really wish Samsung would stop making processos for apple, I mean apple can’t even stop trying to sue them, so apple really doesn’t deserve samsungs superior products. Make apple invent their own shit.

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    I had seen this picture before like 2 two years ago.. sorry it is sooo fake! 

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