This is how you promote the water-proof Xperia Z

This is how you promote the water-proof Xperia Z

The hot-new Sony Xperia Z is the only water-proof high-end smartphone available in the West, and as far as we know, that will remain the case for the time being. To emphasize this very-important feature of Sony’s super-phone, one of T-Mobile’s stores in Prague, the Czech Republic prepared quite a show for its visitors, featuring swimsuit models taking a bath with the phone. There was something both for guys and ladies — T-Mobile doesn’t want to be accused of sexism — though judging by the images we’ve got, the male audience was more interested about Xperia Z’s features… or did they? In any case, we like how the local arm of T-Mobile is using the old paradigm “sex sells” to its advantage (and to entertain its guests). Check out the image gallery below…

[Via: XperiaBlog]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Hopefully Xperia Z is coming with the same splash to my town. 🙂

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