Dropbox teams up with Mailbox, gives away 1GB storage to users

Dropbox is giving away 1GB of more free cloud storage for those using Mailbox email service. This adds to the many ways those who use Dropbox can get free storage. The way it works is simple, all folks have to do is install the Mailbox iOS app, hit the Settings menu, tap on “Dropbox,” add your account info, and boom it’s a done deal. This process then delivers you more space to store photos, files, music, and movies.

The cool thing about this is it isn’t some lame promotional offer, as Dropbox has confirmed that this gift will be around for a while. If you think about it, this makes all the sense in the world being that Dropbox recently acquired Mailbox. Growing Mailbox’s presence in the email market is the perfect kind of business move for Dropbox.

[via TNW]


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