Ubuntu desktop and mobile icons get unified look

Ubuntu desktop and mobile icons get unified look

For quite some time, Canonical has been working to unite its mobile and desktop platforms. One of the first visible results is here – the unified icons for desktop and mobile.

The icons now have the trendy flat design, and overall look more stylized when compared to the old desktop iconography. On the other hand, system tiles are less colorful and more reserved in appearance, while apps and folders have been punched up with a flashier look to set them apart visually.

The “problem,” however, is that new icons won’t be available in Ubuntu for awhile, as the goal is to get them into the 14.04 release for mobile — current version is 13.10.

Meanwhile, if you’re eager to know more about Ubuntu’s design, feel free to watch a hour-long video below, featuring background on the production of the new icons.

[Via: Engadget]

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