Watch Tim Tebow Catch Bigfoot in this T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

Heard of Tim Tebow? Neither have I, but I’m pretty sure he’s a huge deal and has to do with football or something. Whoever he may be, the stocky, crew cut sporting guy is starring in a new ad for T-Mobile, which will air at some football thingie that is supposed to happen this weekend. Oh yeah, the Super Bowl, that’s it! The commercial shows Tebow performing amazing feats all the while promotion T-Mobile’s no-contract wireless service.

The video is pretty funny, with the concussion ridden Tebow pontificating on how awesome life is without a contract, a wireless contract that is. Tebow pretty much saves the world in this commercial, and even finds the elusive Bigfoot and snaps a selfie with him. Needless to say it’s a laugh riot, proving Tebow can still hit ’em out of the park. It’s a home run!

The ad promotes T-Mobile’s latest scheme, which buys customers out of their wireless contracts when they switch to T-Mobile from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Check out the T-Mobile ad below. It will be airing on Sunday during that one big football match on Sunday, so you can always catch it then as well.


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