iPhone 5S gets a fake mini “version” in China

iPhone 5S gets a fake mini version in China

With the upcoming iPhone 6 set to come with a bigger screen, some folks (myself being one of them) are arguing Apple could also launch the iPhone Mini at some point in the future. Said model could sport a 3.5-4 -inch screen and lower-end specs compared to the “regular” iPhone 6.

Chinese cloners can’t bear waiting for Apple, so they’re out with their own “version” of the iPhone mini, which is ridiculously small. In fact, this is the fake iPhone 5S Mini and not a smaller version of the future, bigger iPhone.

The petite phone size allows for no more than 3 icons to be visible on a single screen, which we assume, doesn’t ensure for a decent user experience. Alas, we can’t suggest anyone to buy one of these. Devices like these not only infringe on companies’ intellectual property but they seldom deliver the goods. Simply put, we doubt any warranty you receive with the purchase of phones like these is worth the paper it was printed on. But you knew that already, right?

[Via: GizChina]

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