Google Gifts Chromecast Owners Free Google Play Music All Access

It’s Chromecast’s first birthday, and Google is celebrating by gifting Chromecast owners 90 days of Google Music All Access for free. You heard me right, free music! If you don’t have a Chromecast yet, don’t worry. Google’s offer is good until September 30th, so you’ve got a little time to grab yourself a Chromecast.

And for $35, why not? Chromecast’s functionality has just been beefed up by Google, allowing owners of popular Android smartphones to cast the entire device’s screen to the TV. Before this upgrade, casting functionality was limited to a handful of apps which had Chromecast compatibility baked in. Now that Android users can cast anything at anytime via Google’s dongle, blowing $35 on another piece of plastic seems more essential than ever.

Google Play Music All Access isn’t bad either, and usually runs around $9.99 a month. Honestly,All Access isn’t much different from other streaming options out there. But if you’ve already got a ton of music stored in Google’s butt like I do, you can access your stored music and streaming service without having to jump from app to app.

Already have a Chromecast? Head here to nab your free music. Need to buy a Chromecast? Head here. Enjoy!

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