How to tell if the device is fake?

fake phones

We get to see fake devices on a weekly basis. Sometimes, we get to learn that certain popular smartphone has been cloned even before it was officially announced. Take the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as examples.

With Chinese “designers” getting better with the day, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between the original model and its fake “counterpart.” Here we want to present you with three factors to consider before buying some phone online only to find out it’s not really what it claims to be.

1. Price

The general rule is – if the deal sounds too good to be true, that’s probably the case. Top phone models come with a premium price tag. If you don’t want to pay that premium, go for the mid-end phone. Or grab a device made by some Chinese vendor; they are getting better with the day and they’re still much more affordable than their Western competitors, plus Samsung and HTC. Devices made by the likes of Xiaomi, Meizu, Vivo and Gionee offer similar or even same hardware for less.

2. Package

If you can, visit a local Best Buy or some other electronics retailer to see how the original packaging looks like. Take a photo of it. Then, when you’re back at your computer shopping for phone online, compare that photo to the packaging on the screen (if it’s available). If there are major differences, that should ring a bell; you’re better off buying a phone from a different retailer.

3. Where do you buy the phone?

Which brings me to the final point. User “SuperHot101” on eBay doesn’t sound right. Check out his/her history and what other buyers are saying about him/her. Another general rule is – the more credible the (online) store is, the chances increase you’ll get the original device. Again, there are perfectly legit smaller vendors but it should be your task to do the due diligence. Check out the warranty, read what other people are saying and so on. Better safe than sorry.

Hopefully, this short guide will prevent you from taking steps in the wrong direction. Good luck. 😉

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