HTC own-branded tablet coming next year

Nexus 9

HTC is preparing to re-enter the tablet market. I’m not talking about the deal with Google over the Nexus 9, but HTC’s own-brand device, which the rumor says, could be unveiled at some point next year.

According to Focus Taiwan report, HTC is not interested to compete in the lower ends of the market where margins are thin, to say the least. Rather, they want to focus on more premium products, all while staying open to extend their relationship with Google (and launch another Nexus tablet, if the search giant decides so). From what we’re getting, HTC doesn’t want to launch a 7-inch device but one with a bigger screen.

We’re not sure how HTC could differentiate its offering from the rest of the pack, though we are hoping to get more competition in the 2-in-1 space currently dominated by Asus and its Transformer series. Detachable keyboard, rather than keyboard cover, makes all the difference in the world, allowing users to take their work with them and type comfortably even on a lap; whereas a keyboard cover works best on a desk. Or so I think. What do you say?

[Via: PhoneArena]

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