4 Things to Know About the Puzzlephone, a new modular phone designed in Finland


The other day, the Puzzlephone has been unveiled right from Nokia’s home town of Espoo, Finland. Yes, Finns want to get back to the glory days when Nokia ruled the world with its well-built, rock-solid feature phones, but this time round – they aim to make a splash with a modular smartphone.

The main idea of Puzzlephone — and any other such concept for that matter — is to allow consumers to buy one device and use it for longer periods of time. When their processor or becomes outdates, they simply put the new one. The same applies to camera, storage capacity and so on.

As we want to sum it all up for you, here are 4 things you should know about the Puzzlephone:

1. Three parts – Spine, Heart and Brain

Compared to Project Ara, the Puzzlephone is simpler. It consists of three parts: Spine that includes the LCD, speakers and basic structure; Heart – battery and secondary electronics; and Brain with processor and camera modules. You will be able to buy Spine once and then change the Brain and Heart parts as you please.

2. Eco-friendly

The fact that we won’t be changing our phones that often will produce less waste, therefore making Earth that much better place to live on. With devices like these, you won’t have to replace everything at once – simply switch the parts you don’t like, and you’re good to go. The Brain/Heart part is much smaller than the entire phone.

3. Puzzlephone won’t be manufacturing devices

The idea is not to compete with well-established handset makers and their comprehensive supply chains. Rather, Puzzlephone will design prototype devices and license the technology to aspiring vendors looking to compete with Google’s Project Ara and other such initiatives.

4. Release date

If everything goes as planned and Puzzlephone manages to attract handset makers’ interest and investors’ money, the first modular phone designed in Finland will be released at some point in the second half of 2015. At that time though, it will compete with already established Project Ara eco-system. So it will be a tough fight with consumers winning at the end. Good days ahead. 😉

[Via: TheVerge]

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