Neptune Suite smart watch with phone and tablet screens killing it at Indiegogo

Neptune Suite

Neptune wants to completely redefine how we think of mobile devices. They don’t see a smartphone in the center of it all; rather, they think that position should go to an Android-powered smart watch that will simply have bigger screens to connect to.

One of the screens would come in the form of a traditional smartphone (Pocket Screen) and another one would be a tablet. Both devices would basically be dumb shells with no processing power of their own, relying on the chip built inside the watch for everything. The phone and tablet shells would have their own batteries, though.

Like that’s not enough, Neptune also envisions a keyboard that transforms said tablet into a laptop, and a dongle that turns TVs and monitors into desktop computers.

Rounding it all up is a fancy Bluetooth headset that doubles as a charging cable to allow charging of multiple Neptune devices at once.

Sounds like a dream, right? And that dream is currently raising funds at Indiegogo, where this entire pack could be had for $599, down from its regular price of $899 when Neptune Suite starts shipping in February. Yeah, we’re pretty much a year away from seeing this thing hitting a store near you.

There are also other options to choose from, like committing $199 now, only to pay $550 once Neptune has its product ready for shipment. That’s $50 off for those who count.

We love the idea, and honestly can’t wait for it. This, we believe, is the way of the future. If only the battery technology could advance at a faster pace but that’s another story…

  • What a technology and what a price you cannot have a bigger than this in this price plus the changes they have brought to this world is something that modern world is always interested.

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