iPhone No Sound: Tips on How to Fix this Common Issue

iPhone No Sound

iPhones are great devices, no one will deny this! However, they too have floods and, despite what Apple is trying to sell you, they can be easily broken. For instance, there is a problem that is quite common on many Apple devices, regardless of their version number, and that is the iPhone no sound issue.…

Nexus 9: How to Take a Screenshot

Nexus 9

Again we bring you one of those seemingly obvious how-tos, this time explaining how to take a screenshot on the brand new Nexus 9. Doing so is surprisingly simple, though some people reported having problems with this. In order to take a screenshot on the Nexus 9 you should: Press the Power and Volume down…

How to keep your iPhone messages private

How to keep your iPhone messages private

By default, the iPhone will show sneak peak of any incoming message on the lockscreen, allowing prying eyes to get a glimpse of your life. You may don’t like that; I know I don’t. Being weird is my right and any message I send is made for the receiver, only. Otherwise, I would use Twitter…

iPhone: How to close apps

iPhone: How to close apps

The other day, a friend asked me how to free-up memory on his (now old) iPhone 5. I thought holding down the Home button will do the work, but no – Apple has its own way of doing things. So I had to search the Internet to find the solution. And here it is –…

Android: How to change an app icon

Icon Changer

You may want to customize your Android phone by assigning different-than-default icons to some of the apps. That is possible on some devices, with some vendors making it hard to change anything on their products. You could root the phone and then change pretty much everything, but that would require some serious effort and a…

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