Smoker’s phone for tobacco addicts

In case you smoke and you need just a simple phone, you will appreciate this device. The Smoker’s phone, called Cigarette King 3838, is a new kind of convergent devices that is both the cell phone and a safe place for your cigarettes.

Smoker phone

In terms of specs, the Cigarette King 3838 sports a VGA camera and a color screen. The device can also be used for playing MP3 files, and the memory is expandable with microSD cards.

Smoker phone

I really don’t know what to think about this device. I guess smokers around the world will find it useful. On the other hand, it’s bulky and lacks features. Comments? (via: Mad4MobilePhones)

  • Ben

    For smokers who have to carry around a box anyway, it makes for less space. Probably will smell nice too. Before men placed phones on restaurant tables, they put down ciggy boxes. Makes sense.

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