Bluetooth 2.1 Gets Official

Bluetooth logoThe ubiquitous Bluetooth short-range wireless standard gets an update in Bluetooth 2.1. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group officially announced the updated standard and touts its improved specifications.

Bluetooth SIG says that their Bluetooth Core Specification 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) will soon be available for developers to play with.

The improved standard boasts:

-An improved pairing process that makes initial device pairing easier by reducing the number of steps required for pairing. A verification PIN is no longer needed, and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows pairing by simply bringing two devices in close proximity
-More efficient power consumption to increase uptime in bluetooth devices by up to 5 times. Now that’s a nice improvement!

Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR will be backwards compatible with older standard, so no need to worry about your phone having the older standard.

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