Another Apple iPhone Clone – From China

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

China, ever the trademark-infringing, sub-par quality, knock-off manufacturing powerhouse, has another iPhone clone – the Hua Long IP2000. It kinda looks like an iPhone, and it’s even got a touchscreen, but the dual-band GSM phone is noticeably thicker, has a crap UI, and is adorned with a huge, gaudy Apple logo on the backside. Still, if you want a dual-band (read: not usable in US) GSM phone with 3.5 inch LCD, 2 megapixel shooter, and USB connection, head over to and pick one up for just USD $140. Highly detailed pics give you a better idea of the quality crappiness of this phone’s design…

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again

Hua Long IP2000 - Apple iPhone Chinese knockoff, again


  • mx

    wow, this IS crap

    • skru_9

      what is the default password to delete all the contact numbers in phone memory

  • Arsalan Aly

    Aaahh i already get dis IPhone clone in pakistan it’s 95 % same …. mobile 🙂 wow enjoying… the camera is 1.3 MP…… n voice quality is awesum 😀 … haha fone cost around 80 US $

    • dude

      is it touch?

    • william

      I will be moving to China from the US, how can I get one of these phones?

  • Will Park

    How’s the OS? How’s the size?

  • robert

    hi im interesting iphone replica send me more information and how much by quantytie

  • ted

    How can i buy this mobile phone of china? I’m out here in Doha,Qatar.




  • kris

    send the price for a top of range

  • kris

    price for a top of range

  • arvin

    i have ask a cell phone dealers here in philippines, and that i phone clone cost for only 6000 pesos,($146.00 us. dollars only..)

  • sj

    any iphone clones in chicago chicagotown?

  • alosaimi naif

    hey if u want to buy chaines iphone, you can buy it from the internet. it is for u the one whos from Quter

  • artphils

    hey, people! china phones including the iphone clone are found and available almost everywhere here in the philippines. i don’t have yet either the apple iphone or the clone one but i ‘ve got the chance to operate them and i could say that they are almost the same. china iphone, compared to other china phones, has a better camera resolution. a new iphone is worth less than a $700 but the china iphone is worth less than $150. arthur_deluna26(at)yahoo

  • fhebz

    where can i find the dealer in the philippines to buy the iphone worth 6000T?help me please

    • ricks

      just go to 168 mall in divisoria, lots of china phone including iphone clone, problem with this phone is the built in battery,once the battery is damage or permanently drain, there is no replacement, you cannot open the phone its sealed

  • Paoz

    where can i get a phone from philippines?..any websites?

  • jose

    marami sa sta. cruz manila!!! meron pa nga 2.3K lang. mag n95 na lang kayo. 5,2k lang.

  • mark almonte

    attention all chinese iphone cloners:
    A 3G 8GB, quad band, unlocked iphone clone @ 100 dollars is needed by the worlds poor students and populace, make it happen and the maoney thirsty apple ceos will disappear into thin air. Bottoms up!

  • sunsion

    Of course pls understand all iphone clones we supply are not going to beat or eat any iphone’s market; they just fill in the blanks.

    If you contact with sunsion technology co.,limitd, they are so great to tell you the details of all iphone clones.

    acturely not real clone, just alike.

  • rolando

    how to open a gprs

  • numan

    any one intrested in pakistan pls contact 03145067353

  • neediphone


  • InDefenceOfTruth

    Let’s ease up on the Chinese. Japan used to copy and make crappy products as well. Korea did up until a few years ago. Now slowly China is moving in the same direction. In 20 years Chinese cars and electronics will be just as innovative and high quality as their Japanese counterparts, if not better. China is just repeating the path of any rapidly developing nation. Have we forgotten that the first Toyota was a copied Chevy? Or that the first Hyundai was a copied Ford? Let’s not be prisoners of hearsay and narrow-mindedness and acuse China is being different. China is no different, and time will prove it.

    • Edgar

      Lol @ InDefenceOfTruth
      Hyundai copied Ford – so crap copied crap? I mean come on…now Toyota may be a reliable car (but they’re ugly) – so this is an acceptable comment…but Hyundai is CRAP!

  • HowHow2

    now that is really ugly phone

  • Cathrene Duremdez

    how much is your i phone?i want to know the style and price of it…email me in

  • aaron

    I bought this clone phone from china sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s not worth the money!

  • alucard

    huy putang ina nyo wag na kayong bumili yung sakin tinaon ko lang ang dali masira tang inang yan sayang lang pweeeeeeeeeeee

  • Oliver

    “FOR SALE JAR GAMES: To all who has a china Iphone clone (240×320) resolution that supports java application? I have many compatible jar games for it.(FULL TOUCH SCREEN JAR GAMES) if you want a copy just inform me… we can talk about it ok. chat or contact me… at this email: or text/call at this number:09236793053″

  • Sony

    why Do you need Iphone when ur country can give satellite phones.

  • Sukhjinder Singh

    Are u people mad. you wanna buy this shit phone.atthatprice of 80 us dollar. u people are just sick. send me Rs. 3000 (INR) and i’ll give u that bloody shit…
    whose says that it is 1.3mp…. it’s nt even vga. in your own pictureu’ll look like an alien.
    hun kissi kutte ne khareedna oya taanmainu daseo. kuttanga bahut……..
    ok then take care

    • Mmohsin1234

      Oye Minu We Dus Kiney Da Wachna Payeen Te Mein Lena We Mobile Jaldi Dussiyeen

  • rajeev

    how much cost china iphone in india and from where i can buy this

  • damisola

    ny ways i think china should stop producing what other countries produce because people belive that the china copy is fake and is obviously not going to be as classy as the other it is better if china jst make theirs from the scratch

    • Jessica

       You obviously just don’t know. ALL Apple iPhones are made in China. ALL of them. But Apple keeps it more on the secret side because they don’t want the Chinese factory workers selling the stuff to lower its price by selling it behind their backs. “Designed in California” means some artist made a sketch of what it’s supposed to be like and sent it to China to be Assembled, aka MADE.

  • Faizan

    Its a very good copy but lack of speed and durability. i use it in Pakistan.

  • vinz

    hi sir i want a charger for my iphone 16gb how much that? thanks

  • asan

    punta kayo sa 168 marami

  • erika

    i like this phone but where can i get one??? help

  • Joy

    how do you download app store in a china iphone?

  • ansari sharfuddin.

    i have v838 china iphone & wants to connect with internet but net provider said that net setting is not accepting the phone plz tell me the seting . reply me on my mail id.thank u.

    • pam

      my i9 clone i phone is having similar problems. everything is in english until u get to internet then its all in chinese. anybody have any clue as to how to fix this?

    • Meljimsumagang

      f u want to get that setting just activate first gprs then construct a settings …just copy the setting from other china iphone or even only china phones

  • pam

    got clone phone but when i get on internet its all in chinese. how can i get it to go english?

  • tao

    looks really bad ,the OS is also crap.

  • ccychan

    does anyone know if the chinese iphone replicas work with itunes?

    if not, how can i download music and applications???

  • Pdas

    Can I get battery charger for iphone model No; A1241FCCIDBCGA1241


    Please email me.

    • Laisiecole_17

      were both same, i cannot find charger for my iphone model No; A1241FCCIDBCGA1241

      ICID579C-A1241.Designed in california assembled in china..

  • tintin

    i have a china clone iphone…can u pls send me the settings for the gprs and wap pls?im in israel using orange sim….i dont know if its wifi…i just dont know..thnx

  • titus

    how can i by this mobile iam in india

  • bhaskhar

    Any dealer in Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu. southern most state if India?

  • Laisiecole_17

    I got an iPhone (Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China
    Model No A1241 Fcc ID: BCGA1241 IC ID:579C-A124)

    i can’t find charger for my mobile..
    if anyone knows plz email me at :
    thank you..god bless..:)

    • Chris

      Hi there, i have the same phone model no and everything but cant get internet settings for it. Can u help me pls?
      Mobile: +2771 182 4424

  • Hodhod22

    I have clone i Phone China ,but the screen is broken!!!
    I am in Dubai, I try to repair it ,no way within six  month, Can any one help me ?

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