Windows Mobile 6.0 Upgrades Officially In The Pipeline From HTC

HTC officially announces Windows Mobile 6.0 upgrade roadmap for its smartphones

Okay [sigh of relief], we can all rest easy now. HTC has gone official with their plans to release Windows Mobile 6.0 updates for their line of smartphones. If you’re like us, you have been biting your nails in anticipation of getting that brand-new feel back on your WinMo 5.0 device. Cut back on your nails (pun?), people, the updates are said to be planned for the HTC Advantage, HTC TyTn, HTC S620, HTC P3300, and HTC P4350 (YES!!). Interestingly, the rollout is limited to these devices, as HTC has said they wanted to give the upgrade to devices in their lineup of “recently launched messaging products.” Right, aren’t all their products messaging-oriented? Whatever, we’ll just go with HTC on that one since they were kind enough to quell our fears about having to port cooked WM6.0 ROMS onto our precious smartphones. If you don’t see your phone listed, keep your hopes up – HTC says that other devices may “potentially” be added to the upgrade rollout.

Check out the European HTC site for upgrade releases – they should be popping up anytime now!

Want the white-paper on their rollout? Click here for the PDF.

via: solopalmari

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