UK Students: Mobile Web SUCKS!

UK Students turned off mobile internet due to poor user experienceInfoGin has turned up a not-so-unexpected result from their most recent survey. Out of the 1,000 students polled in the survey, fully 2/3 said that they had given up on using the mobile web. The reason? Poor user experience. Even users with 3G access to the mobile internet were put off by the horribly inefficient and inaccurately rendered webpages. InfoGin CEO, Eran Wyler, says, “Today mobile users are faced with a very poor experience when they surf the internet on their mobiles. We commissioned this trial to demonstrate how crucial it is for operators to provide capabilities for end users to surf the real internet on their mobiles. Students are typically early adopters of services such as mobile internet, and the trial clearly demonstrates that operators should address such issues as downtime, web page layout and rich web functionality on mobiles.”

We agree with the research firm. Mobile operators should really address the inequities in the mobile web-surfing experience. Maybe they should help Mozilla develop (read: pump money into) FireFox mobile, or at least adopt Opera Mini.


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