NTT DoCoMo releases FOMA SH904i

FOMA SH904iAgain, we’re not in Japan to try the first-hand this beautiful device. 🙁

NTT DoCoMo has started shipping the ultra-stylish FOMA SH904i, Symbian OS with MOAP-based smartphone today. The Sharp-manufactured FOMA SH904i packs few interesting technologies, including the 3″ wide LCD display that incorporates the Super Vivid engine for clearer images and a 6 color filter for better outdoor color reproduction, and the “touch cruiser” pad, a laptop-like keyboard for easier navigation in web browser, menus and links. The new FOMA also boasts a 3.2 MP camera and the microSD expansion slot. It has dimensions of 107x50x19.9 mm folded, and a weight of 130g.

FOMA SH904i - pic 1

FOMA SH904i - pic 2

FOMA SH904i - pic 3

FOMA SH904i - pic 4

FOMA SH904i - pic 5

FOMA SH904i - pic 6

FOMA SH904i - pic 7

FOMA SH904i - pic 8

FOMA SH904i - pic 9

  • William

    Japanese manufacturers can make awesome mobiles.

  • Ekrem


    Can one provide me for the mobile phone “NTT DoCoMo releases FOMA SH904i” charge cable???

  • Tina

    Hi…was wondering how we could unlock this phone (sh904i) in order to use it outside Japan…if you could help me…or anyone if they know how to unlock it…

  • Iryna

    I want to ask, how I can buy sh904i outside Japan (what is the price or at least order of price) and would it works properly inside the European telecommunications system?
    This phone is really marvelous.
    Thank you for your help.

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