Verizon’s Answer to AT&T’s Apple iPhone – The LG KE850 PRADA Phone?

We were all wondering what Verizon could have in store as their answer to AT&T’s Apple iPhone. Verizon COO, Denny Strigl, told USA Today that, “We do have a very good response in the mill. You’ll see that from us in the late summer.” Now, word on The Street has it that Verizon’s answer to the iPhone is the Prada Phone, the LG KE850. This slim, touchscreen, designer phone has been in the works before the Apple iPhone and commands a premium, designer price in the UK (about $600).

We think the LG “Dominator,” in CDMA guise, would be a better fit as an Apple iPhone competitor. And, even if it never makes it to Verizon, we hope LG releases the LG KS20 “Dominator” sometime soon – with HSDPA and Windows Mobile 6.0, this thing is a lot more appealing than the EDGE-only Apple iPhone

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