Welcome to Apple iPhone Launch week!

t_minus_edit_will.jpgThe launch of the Apple iPhone is nigh! Barely a week lies between us and our iPhone and we can literally feel the industry buzz through our desktop. The incredible hype surrounding the iPhone will climax with the launch slated for Friday, June 29, 2007 at 6pm. Until then, we’ll keep you up to date (up to the minute, even) on the latest happenings and developments in the iPhone world.

We’re seeing the very first Apple iPhone shipments start to hit airports across the country. From there, they will be escorted under armed-guard to the FedEx trucks that are slated to deliver the precious cargo to Apple and AT&T stores across the US.

We also have word that the iPhone will be offered with an iPhone data plan. The “iPlan” (get it?) will an unlimited-flavored data package and may include 2,000 or unlimited SMS text messages for $34 to $44 per month.

And the invasion of the giant iPhones has started! Apple Stores nationwide are setting up for the Friday launch! Too bad the giant iPhones might be more durable than the real thing.

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  • Anonymous

    iTunes is Spyware, by APPLE!

    While pondering the purchase of the iPhone, I’ve carefully studied much of what’s been written. To setup the phone, you must have an iTunes account. The syncing software is iTunes. You have to set-up your phone and sync your email, calendar and contacts through iTunes, while connected to the internet. And who is on the other end of iTunes??? They now have direct access to your phone, your email and passwords, your contacts and your schedule.


    In addition, I purchased (and subsequently returned) an iMac. When setting it up, I WAS FORCED to register it before I could continue setting it up. After entering my information, (which I falsified), I was directly connected to APPLE.COM and the built-in CAMERA immediately SNAPPED A PICTURE OF ME, without my expectation or approval, and sent it into APPLE along with my registration information.


    What kind of information repository is APPLE developing? And just how are they planning to use this information? And how valuable could that information be to OTHERS with similar standards of invasiveness?

    It begs scrutiny.

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