Make your own (paper) iPhone

Don’t have money for the iPhone? Don’t worry, you can still have it — or at least the paper version of it. Or if you’re waiting for the real iPhone, one of these will make you one of the most popular guys/gals in the line.

home grown iPhone

Thanks to Gizmodo, we are presenting you with the iPhone cutout pattern. The paper iPhone may not respond to your touches, but it’s free! Here’s the download link (PDF file).

  • christian

    it is so small!i need it to be gay wen its small.anyways i dont hav any printer so ye.even the same thing how to makeiphone does not acually function isbigger.i want that picture to be the same size at it.

  • Joel


  • Torihofstein

    hi my uncle made one for me but i squashed it by’s better than getting nothing.i like em’!!!! they’re awsum!!!

  • Enokgarcia

    i like it

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