Video: Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95; Episode 6

This is the last episode in the iPhone vs N95 series. I was supposed to post it at 18:00 CST, but honestly I was too busy helping a friend move into his new place. Today after doing my morning blog posts I spent the rest of the daylight hours disconnected from the web with a few good mates, moving heavy objects, grunting and drinking beer. I’ve had it up to here with this iPhone hype and I’m glad I sat out on what is probably Steve Job’s third best day of his life. Number one being the day he found out his cancer is curable, number two being the launch of the first Mac.

Will this phone change how other manufactures look at user interface? Absolutely! Was it worth reading the word iPhone in every other blog post I’ve read in the past week? Not at all. There is good marketing and then there is a vomit inducing point of saturation.

I hope you had fun watching them. Ricky and I sure had fun making them for you. Hell writing the scripts took almost 4 hours of our time.

Enough romancing about the past, here she is, episode number 6:

  • pseudofinn

    Great stuff, Stephan! I’m more than a little bit sad that it’s the last one. Though I assume, now that it’s out, there will be more laughs to be had about the iPhone soon enough.

  • pseudofinn

    BTW- I sure miss reading about things other than the feature-light iPhone here. 🙁

  • Alessandro


    this is fantastic!!

  • alberto


  • draken

    Can use custom ringtones with hacks. on iphone kk thnx. Should we talk about n95 battery life ? LOL no ta HDHDHAHAH noobs

  • Helbore

    Hey Draken, still chuffed about the iPhone’s hackability now that Apple have released a patch that bricks any iPhones that have been hacked?

    No? Thought not!

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