Get iPhone-like visual voicemail on your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phone

Just in case you were salivating about that iPhone’s visual voicemail system, now you can get it on your phone. That’s actually in case you own one of the latest BlackBerrys (8800 series, Pearl of Curve) or a Windows Mobile based smartphone. SimulSays is a free program that adds that cool “visual voicemail twist” to your phone, and thanks to its integration with your address book, it allows you to reply to known caller’s message by phone, SMS or e-mail. The service is still in beta, but as far as we can tell it works quite well.

iPhone-like visual voicemail

Check out the full release after the break.

NEW YORK – SimulScribe, the U.S. leader in voicemail-to-text services, announced today the launch of SimulSays Beta, a free, downloadable visual voicemail application for the BlackBerry 8800 series, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and Windows Mobile devices. With SimulSays Beta users can scroll, click and listen to voicemail messages on their phone’s display; saving time and money. Users can instantly select any voice message at random to play back with a simple click on the handset.

When SimulSays Beta is combined with SimulScribe’s award wining voicemail-to-text service, users can also read their voicemail messages in the application. SimulSays Beta integrates with the mobile phone’s contact book, allowing users to reply to the known caller’s message by phone, text message or e-mail. SimulSays Beta is currently available at or at from a handset.

“I’ve been testing SimulSays Beta for a few weeks now and find it indispensable,” said Josh Rubin of “SimulSays Beta beat Apple’s iPhone to visual voicemail and took it a step further, you can read your voicemail if you combine it with SimulScribe’s voicemail-to-text service.”

Once downloaded, the SimulSays Beta application is launched directly from the BlackBerry’s main menu. SimulSays Beta requires very little power and always notifies users of new voicemail messages, even when the application is closed. SimulScribe will be rolling out SimulSays on additional mobile platforms in the coming months.

“We strive to deliver voicemail in better, easier and more useful ways,” said James Siminoff, founder and CEO of SimulScribe. “SimulSays Beta was created to give our customers better control of their voicemail, saving them time and money. SimulSays Beta is ideal for people looking to add visual voicemail functionality to their existing mobile phones without having to purchase an Apple iPhone.”

  • Krista

    I like seeing these new voice to text services coming out these days! Another one I’ve seen dealing with voicemail is Vtxt from Callwave. I use callwaves texting widget and its pretty neat. There is also Jott ( Now this service is really handy! I’ve seen several integrations in the few months I’ve had this app! Just dial Jott’s 1-877 number, say who you want to jott, speak, then hang up! It’s free so that is always good!

  • Bill Simpson

    I met with a company, Iperia, that was at the CTIA show in Vegas. Iperia offers a Visual Voicemail client with integrated VM to Text transcription. The sales rep said it was available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. The demo was one of the best that I saw at CTIA, very intuitive and fast. Apparently, Iperia only sells to operators, and does not offer a retail version directly.

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