HTC Opens World’s First Customer Service Center in Taiwan – HTC Care

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

With the booming success of HTC and their bevy of Windows Mobile smartphones out in the wild, HTC has opened the doors to their first-ever customer service center. The “HTC Care” center in Taipei, Taiwan aims to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales support for the entire gamut of devices in their lineup. Just by walking into the HTC Care Center, you can get personalized consultations on HTC products, warranty repairs, and other helpful information on your HTC product. The Taiwanese ODM-turned smartphone manufacturing powerhouse will even provide the user with a free loaner phone during any repair period (you hear that, Apple? They said FREE). The services will also be offered to Dopod customers.

Fred Liu, Chief Operating Officer of HTC, says that “HTC believes that providing superior after-sales support is important to our continuing success, which is why we place such a high degree of importance on HTC Care. In the future, a number of HTC Care centers will be launched in Taiwan and overseas, allowing our customers to enjoy their mobile lifestyles without missing a call.”

The new HTC Care center is located at No.116, Sec. 2, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei. (Tel: 02-3322-3866). It is conveniently located near the Guanghua Bazaar and Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 2: Zhongxiao Park. The service hours are Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 7:30pm.

Find the press release here.

Lots of pictures of the new Care center on the link.

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan

HTC Care customer service center taiwan


  • Sang Vo Van

    How good your customer service? I bought a Dopod 818 pro on 30/08/2007 IMEI number: 357036008363296, two month later my phone have problem say that “the device will be off and may lose some data” I sent it to the customer service center to repair, but one moth later the staff of the center told me your phone will be sent to the company!?
    May I ask you how long you need to solve the problem? and what is benefit for customer here?
    I’m very disappointed

  • Hary Gunawan

    Hi, two months ago I bought an HTC Touch Smartphone in Singapore. Now, my phone have some problems: the operating system works very slow and the charger doesn’t work. I wonder if you have service center in Jakarta?

  • Ahmed Al-Amri

    I need a help. i have new HTC P4350 mobile and the display screen is showing only starigh line (not working). i did buy it from Dubai but now i am in Indonesia.

    can you help to check where can i fix it in indonesia??

  • ayad ajel

    hi, I bought my HTC P3450, serial number is 355046011072992, from Qatar. The screen in now showing nothing ( black ). Now, I am in Canada, Toronto. I would like help about the local customr service centre in toronto.

  • devendra

    i want to know where is your(htc)service center in india at rajasthan state. so plz confirm me. thanks

  • Vijayanand

    Hi Customer care,

    I bought a new HTC Touch Mobile at Malaysia 3 weeks back ,Now the mobile is hanging very frequently ,can you suggest any Authorized service center in Chennai – (India) and how about the warranty ,warranty is applicable Globally ?

  • Josh

    hi there this is josh..!! wanted to know , how do I reset my touch p3450 back to its default factory settings ..!! n do let me know if its possible to re-install my OS .. if yes let me know how can do tat!!!

  • Jeffrey

    I have been using O2, Dopod, HTC touch, HTC Tytn II and now HTC Diamond. All along I did not expect much for a PDA phone. But the last one I had Diamond was the worst. Often hang and even off also cannot. Have no choice but to remove battery. but turn out line screen.

  • H Stefan van Wyk

    Just about no customer service. People in South Africa is very slow in responding. It is a sad story..

  • Omar Khayat

    while synchronizing with my PC I deleted all my contact numbers by choosing PC2 & delete…Please! Is there anyway so that I can get my data back???
    Thanks in advane.

  • Sean Yang

    I have a HTC mogul myself- I just wanted to inform everyone that I have a cousin whome resign from HTC affiliated company that is located in Seattle, WA. The purpose of his resignation is because HTC in Taiwan- does fully support their client tell such as AT&T as they do there in Taiwan with their own carrier. I love HTC but with this type of customer support. My next phone will probably be someone else.



  • Kania

    hi! i have HTC SHIFT, and i think there’s something wrong with the systems, its usually running very slow and, often not responding, bla bla bla.. what should i do??

  • arief

    i have a problem with my dopod 818 pro-i just want to know asked how to fixed my internet address: when browsing internet with my dopod there is notice allowed’the address is not valid;please try again”.i have setting my sim card to content the what would i do to fix it”about address notice”??…
    now i lived at jakarta,where is customr service centre in jakarta??
    its so greatfull your answer will be my solve problem in here…

  • K.Surendran

    I bought a HTC Touch Pro three weeks ago and the phone just went blank two days ago for no apparent reason. My wife bought a HTC Diamond and the battery sucks , after two hours of non- usage , the phone battery is gone.

    Very disppointed with the purchases and as we are lawyers we intend to sue and get our money back

  • Paul

    I bought a P3600i in Hong Kong and it was offered with global warranty service. But the European service in UK is very ridiculous and not willing to repair it. The PPC has ROM defect and UK told me to go back to HK for repair. That kind of service is a glitch.

    I see many problems with HTC service all over the world and see also that people sue them.

    Please inform your friends better avoid such fake service company and better check for real customer care companies.

    Nice looking doesn’t mean nice product and nice service.

  • shenthil

    Sir, Often i am getting a message in my HTC TOUCH mobile like this “There is a problem while connecting GPRS service in your home registered network “& Also when I on my display time is fluctuating .”PLEASE respond soon.”

  • aditya thakur

    please let me know if there is any service centre in bahrain for HTC phones.

    I badly need it. My HTC touchflo has gone bad, and i dont understand where to get it repaired form.

    pls help.

  • shihab kharim


    i have one p 3450.Before am connecting to the wifi easily.Now i have some problems in connection.Any body know the service center in qatar????

  • Bosnia and Hercegovina

    I have mobile phone HTC, smart phone S710, one mounth ago my phone lost light and picture, I think it is a problem with flert cable. Please help me, I need information about service on a Balkan for HTC mobile phone(Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia)
    Thank you!

  • faisal


    Cellucom in Gosi Mall is apparently the official distributor for HTC in Bahrain. I would like to become an HTC distributor myself. If you are able to find a service centre in Bahrain, please let me know immediately. my e-mail is :



  • kathiravan.T

    I am from Tamilnadu–INDIA

    i lost my HTC TOUCH MOBILE (P3452) disply … I am getting only blank screen … There is no issue in “Touch” Mobile is

    working fine.

    It is only needed to replace the “Display(LCD dispply) ”

    Could you please help me in this issue?

    What will be the total cost ? How many days it will take ? where should i contact ”


  • pradeep

    hi i am using a dopod s301 mobile phone . my cam is not working. i need a service center in chennai , india
    i am feed up with this phone. voice commander is not there. many games are not working. files are not supported. software are not working .and i was forced to change my phone

  • fabraka

    Hi every 1, First i have htc touch diamond and everything perfect but i recieve a message every time saying (there is a problem while connecting GPRS service in your home registered network)
    i doon’t know what is that suppose to mean, can u help me to solve that
    thanks alot

  • kishore

    my dopod s301 automatically restarting itself… please tell me a solution for this.

  • jerome Yeo


    I will be in taiwan on the 30th. How can i contact you. I will be going to the service centre here in taipei. And I want you to prepare the casing and keypad of HTC s710.

    my email is

  • kishan

    hey if any one have a dopod pc suit then please give me on my email because on web my s/n is not valid or accecible….

  • kevin

    I have htc elf0100(p3452) i want to know, can i use 32GB micro sd card, what is the maximum capacity of micro sd card to my mobile.

  • keshab

    Dear SirMadam

    I m from Kathmandu, Nepal & I like to inform you that I m your HTC mobile customer from last one & half year. And after purchase of this HTC mobile, I m suffering from various problem like error in internet connection , error in wifi connection, battery charging & durability problem, camera quality problem etc.

    But now, I m facing serious problem in my HTC mobile . i.e. sometime, I m not receiving call even the ringing period. If I call my mobile from other phone, then that time I m not receiving call or miscall in my mobile. not regularly but frequently, this kind of error was occur in my mobile. Due to that I m bothering too much because people thought that I m not receiving their call & ignoring them.

    Before purchasing this mobile, I thought that HTC windows mobile is the best mobile & advance technology. Small PC in single hand is superb. But now I realized that, that’s only sound interesting…..otherwise, higher technology means higher complication & various problem. May be I m wrong or may be right!!!!!!!! But due to purchase in Nepal, where no any authorized dealer or person for HTC mobile, I m not able to maintenance this my mobile.

    So I kindly request you to provide me proper solution about these problem. The details of my mobile & my details contact are as bellow:-

    Mobile Details:-
    Model No: HTC Touch Viva T2223
    Platform: Pocket PC
    IMEI: 35344302031355201
    ROM Version: 1.27.707.1 WWE
    ROM date: 09/23/08
    Radio Version: 03.29.90
    Protocol Version:
    CPU: OMAP850
    Speed: 201Mhz
    RAM Size: 128 MB
    Flash Size: 256 MB
    Data Bus: 16 bits
    Storage Size: 135.08 MB
    Display Resolution: 240 x 320
    Colors: 65536
    Bluetooth Version: 2.0
    Made in Taiwan

    My Personal Details:
    Name: Keshab Aryal
    Address: Koteshwor-35, Mahadevsthan Marg 9915(Ka), Kathmandu, Nepal
    Offical Address: Morang Auto Works, (Sole Authorized Dealer of Yamaha Motorcycle) ka 1318, Tripureshwor, Tekuroad, P.O.Box- 1452, Kathmandu Nepal
    Cell No: 977-9841364786 (but due to mobile set problem, sometime I m not receiving ring even the call success)
    Residence No: 977-1-4601259 (available after 7pm to 12pm)

    Thanking you with hoping your kindly cooperation for sort-out my mobile set problem

    • Raaz

      Hi, keshab ji,
      i am also facing some problem in HTC touch diamond. did u get any authorised htc care center in nepal? if yes, please tell me where is it??

  • keshab

    what happen about my problem sir?????? have you any solution?????

    • frastu

      bro me too wid htc problem no solution yet….best option destroy it

  • vaithiyanathan

    Dear Sir, i am using p3452 elf htc touch screen handset, i need to connect with pc . but how to connect? must me reply.

  • Ivilliars



  • Rajesh sah

    i have htc g2 , and my screen is not working properly , is there any service center in kathmandu?

  • tarrun

    i need ROM of htc desire x if any one have it then plz reply me at

  • gudu

    my htc touch viva problem is that my phone sound is very low how can i repair

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