JP Morgan: Apple iPhone ‘Nano’ not so likely – sorry

Apple iPhone NanoJust yesterday we got reports from JP Morgan analyst Kevin Chang claiming that Apple was working to bring a lower-priced Apple iPhone “nano” to market by year end. Today, the company has issued an opposing viewpoint. Bill Shope, senior JP Morgan analyst, said that Chang’s sources had not been corroborated – and that basing any analysis on a single patent would be a mistake.

“We believe a near-term launch would be unusual and highly risky. It took Apple over two years to launch its first low-end iPod (the iPod mini),” Shope explained. “Not all consumers want a combined phone and music player, so Apple is likely to keep the iPhone and iPod as distinct business segments for as long as this makes economic sense.”

Instead, it seems more likely that Apple will be keeping their iPhone as their sole mobile phone offering – following up with a 3G-enabled model early in 2008.

Come on guys, we can’t take these kinds of ups and downs. Just as we’re gettign excited for a new, smaller, cheaper iPhone in the pipeline, you squash our hopes and dreams. But, we troopers, so we’ll just substitute your reality for our own and keep on hoping for that Apple iPhone “Nano” to launch by Christmas time.

[Via: Apple Insider]

  • russell

    iphone camera is so normal

  • Will Park

    I agree, how cool would it be to see an iPhone with high-quality german optics?

  • georgre

    let them go ahead and make the iphone nano it will make a lot of people happy because a lot of people cant afford a $600 or a $500

  • Will Park

    There’s very little doubt that Apple will be bringing a lower end iPhone for the masses. Its just a question of when.

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