Levi’s phone demo video

Levi’s is readying its fashion handset for the market. Today we’re presenting you with their demo video, where the famous jeans maker showcases its new device. As you can see from the 2-minute long clip, Levi’s phone is all about the looks. The device is hand assembled, made from 100% stainless steel, boasting such features as a 2 MP camera, media player, Bluetooth with A2DP profile support and 1.8″ screen. It will be available in five colors: metallic silver, metallic brows copper, metallic black, shiny silver and shiny sand. Enjoy the video!

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • JonnyBruha

    What’s the deal with “fashion” phones being the ugliest phones on the market? It reminds me of Mobiado, except not quite as ugly (close though). That chain connecting the phone to your jeans looks like those clips to keep mittens attached to jackets for kids with ADD.

  • Will Park

    The chain reminds me of that 1999 fad with chains on wallets.

    But I think the phone itself is pretty slick looking

  • Knonie

    Can’t wait to get it…

    It’s something MUST for a Levi’s lover…
    Full solid Metal, and ragged look…
    Unlike other “delicate” phone models around…

    Luv Ya Levi’s!!!

  • levis

    Its a cool phone, but unfortunately it was no success… but the spot was very hot, maybe they bring out some more phones in the future??

  • Levi

    i just got one of these phones today, and i have no idea how to oopen the case so i can put the battery into it, HELP PLEASE!! 😥

  • luggage

    At the first poster. “Fashion” phones are the ugliest phones on the market because they’re “fashion” phones. Have you seen how ugly fashion is lately? All that bling stuff is just plain ugly. I think a heck of a lot of people are going to be majorly embarrassed when they look at photos of themselves in ten years time and ask themselves “Why the heck was I wearing that?” Feel sorry for them – they’ll be embarrassed to show their photos to their kids!

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