Nokia N95 with iPhone’s multi-touch screen technology

Check this out – Nokia N95 working like an iPhone! You got that right – it’s a fake. This guy most certainly used the Bluetooth keyboard to emulate iPhone’s behavior. Still, it’s a nice idea and hopefully Nokia will “add some touch” to their devices in the near future.

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

  • armz

    😐 no its not fake it reali does exist i have one as well i bought it from dubai

  • Lama

    i live in dubai.. where did you get it from exactly? i wanna know is it real or fake!

  • iroot

    nokia with touch screen is FAKE. the phone you’ve got is maybe Chinese N-95 NOKlA – NOKLA.
    that’s just piece of CRAP !!!
    feel sorry for you mate.

  • anonimus

    i have a n 95 but not with touch screen and i want the program please help me

  • jhing

    magkano ba yung touch-screen?

  • Chrish

    It’s fake gaysssss…don’t waste your time for ..this useless..things..even N 95 has very thin & delicate is very toch it like i phone…don’t you understand…it.(try your self the screen little bit of harder..dislply is spreding like water…..Forget this fake..gays…try another softwares..for N95..


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