optimizes video for mobile phone

Today we’re presenting you with a convenient way to watch video clips from the Web on your mobile phone. The service called optimizes online video files for mobile viewing experience. Blueapple.mobiUsers can either stream or download the video depending on their phone and operator parameters, and even grab the short 10-seconds preview of each of the clips. Furthermore, gives users access to the complete YouTube’s database, not just the selected clips as it’s the case with YouTube’s own mobile version. When you watch a video on, it is being streamed directly from the original site (i.e. YouTube), but through’s servers. As a result they allow users to search from over 10 million videos across many sites with more to come.

Also worth noting is the social aspect of the new service. You can save your favorite videos to “my favorites”, send one or more clips to a friend, and even send videos from web to mobile.

Personally, I’m not much into watching video on my phone, but I’ve bookmarked nevertheless — you never know when you’ll be stuck in some queue when mobile video is just the thing you need. 🙂

  • sandro

    very great streaming beautiful application

  • A

    Help me how can i downloading songs by blueapple with out video songs and i used mobile phone modale samsung e250 and my E. Mail address i live S.A > thank u bye

  • someone who is not really happy

    What the ****? Nobody knows how to upload video from computer on my mobile phone? What the hell? Nobody knows how to make a great website about videos for my mobile phone? **** you!

  • Sangram

    Excellent thing

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