Sprint and Clearwire team up for US WiMAX network – 4G in 2008

Sprint Clearwire partnershipUS wireless subscribers have traditionally been behind the times when it comes to network technologies. It’s like everyone else gets all the good toys and we get the little brother hand-me-downs. Well, Sprint is looking to shake things up a bit. The company is gearing up to make 4G wireless data a commercial viability in the US by 2008. A nationwide 4G infrastructure build-out is no small (or cheap) task and recent reports speculated that Sprint would take on a partner to help roll out its WiMAX network – Clearwire Communications. Together, the two companies will split up the country into coverage regions and build-out their respective networks – while still allowing its customers to roam between the networks. The move effectively doubles the coverage available to either company, while keeping the cost of building a new network reasonable (if you call upwards of $3 billion reasonable).

Sprint will start initial construction on its WiMAX network by the end of 2007 and plans to launch the network in 2008 – offering 185 million subscribers 4G wireless data speeds up to 5x faster than current wireless networks. Sprint’s network will cover 75% of the 50 largest market in the US, while Clearwire will pick up coverage for about 115 million subscribers.

We love it when corporations play nice – that kind of cooperation usually bodes well for consumers. Finally, the US wireless market will be on the cutting edge – it was about time.

[Via: Yahoo News]

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