Use any Cingular/AT&T SIM card to activate your iPhone with iASign

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Those intrepid hackers over at are some amazing dudes. They brought us their iPhoneInterface and took control of the iPhone console. Now, they’ve done it again! With the new iASign activation tool, anyone can pick up an iPhone and activate it with any Cingular/AT&T SIM card they might have lying around. The guys at HackTheiPhone, the same guys that brought us the step-by-step instructions for getting custom ringtones on the iPhone, have put together another tutorial on how to use iASign.

Keep in mind, the iPhone is still not unlocked for use on any other network outside AT&T’s. But, you can use your existing AT&T SIM or get a cheap, disposable Cingular SIM for some inexpensive, no-strings-attached iPhone action (or you can just activate your iPhone using the prepaid workaround) .

iASign used to activate iPhone on Cingular

Erica Sadun at TUAW successfully activated and made a call on her iPhone using an old, disposable Cingular SIM. Apparently, data works through MediaNET, but at $0.01 per KB, Google’s homepage will cost you $0.11. We’ll stick with our unlimited $20 iPhone data plan, thanks just the same.

Hit the HackTheiPhone to get the full deets on how to activate your iPhone without any contracts.

Download the new iASign activation tool here.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Harrison Bergeron

    Locked or unlocked, I’m still not tremendously impressed by the iPhone. I’m still satisfied with my Treo. I get my digital music wirelessly through the “M” app from Mercora, and with the other features and option I get on there, I see no reason to pursue something else.

  • Ashley Robinson

    I was wondering how could I activate my cell phone from the internet and what is the cost of it.What do I have to do in order to turn my cell phone on

  • LAToya

    Can I use a prepaid sim card in a smartphone

    • tony

      I wanna kno the same exact thingg!!

  • demon

    hi this is demon one of my fren give my iphonof 8gb and last time i connected this iphon wid my laptop and itunes show me to update my iphon and restoring as factory setting i update after that my iphon is restarted and show me a message in itunes that my sim card is not suported to active this i phon so how can i active my i phon by internet and how much it cost? plz someone help me

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