Did you know there’s a “Run” dialog in Windows Mobile?

Run dialog in Windows mobileRaise your hand if you knew Windows Mobile had a native equivalent to desktop-Windows’ “Run” dialog box (ok, put them down now, no one can see you anyway). We were surprised to learn that too! Apparently, a coupe nifty button presses will bring up a command line execution dialog, allowing you to execute programs straight from anywhere in the OS.

To bring up this “run” dialog, simply hold the “action” key (it’s that center key on your d-pad) while you tap-and-hold the clock icon in the upper right of your screen. You’ll see the Windows Mobile equivalent of the “Run” box, from which you can execute applications. Try these out:

ctlpnl.exe cplmain.cpl,4,0

This little trick will work on PocketPC and Professional editions of Windows Mobile – which is to say, the touchscreen versions of WM5 and WM6.  But, apparently, Palm Treo 750 is a no-go.

We don’t know how useful this will be. Afterall, it might be easier to tap your way to an application, especially if you don’t have a qwerty keyboard. In either case,
[Via: WMExperts]

  • Omer

    Hello i cannot find run dialog. i had right click to clock ; 1-> Analog 2-> digital

    what must i do?

    Pls Help me


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