Surgeons complete emergency appendix surgery by cellphone light

backlight saves OR

Remember that Ericsson commercial where soccer fans lit up a blacked-out stadium with their green cell phone backlights? Well, we do and this story just brought that memory back. Reuters is reporting that a July 21 blackout caused the lights to go out in Villa Mercedes in San Luis, Argentina. The town’s hospital was performing an emergency appendectomy when the lights faded and emergency backup lights failed to come online.

Leonardo Molina was on the surgeon’s table, all opened up and in the middle of the procedure. So, how could the surgeons complete the surgery without light? Apparently, Leonardo’s family rounded up mobile phones from people throughout the hospital and brought them into the OR to be used as light sources.

Now that’s convergence. Phone, email, text, music/video player, web browser, and now, Operating Room light!

[Via: Switched]

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