Who wants a 4GB Apple iPhone for $299?

Apple selling 4GB iPhones for $299 $300We’re barely able to contain ourselves. First Apple cuts the price of the 8GB iPhone almost in half (okay, by a third, but it feels like half-off to us), then this. After having to plunk down the better half of a Grand for our iPhone, we love hearing that some lucky (albeit compromising) iPhone hopefuls will be able to get their mitts on a 4GB iPhone for about $300! That’s right, with Apple having axed the 4GB model of teh iPhone, the remaining stock will be liquidated for just $299.

At that price, you can get a free phone on Amazon.com (with new contract), buy the $299 4GB iPhone, and sell the free phone to actually make a profit (depending on what kind of free phone you get).  At the very least, you’d make off with a very cheap iPhone (as if $299 wasn’t already relatively dirt cheap).

Head on over to the Apple Store online while you still can! Oh, it should ship within 24 hours and there’s free shipping!

Apple iPhone 4GB $299 

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • div

    hey i would like to know to version
    is it 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 or 1.1.3
    let me know


    am intersted in the iphone

  • bijan

    i see apple $688 but here is $99 ?? how ?

  • Su

    Hey am r8 nw in the US and looking to buy a fone frm here thats unlocked and can be used in India .Can u lemme knw the details….???

  • Cindy Fannin

    Hey I would like to buy that phone please contact me through email

  • iPhone 4Gb

    I want to buy Apple iPhone 4Gb, but i leave in Europe. Tell me please, it’s posible?

  • hasan

    hello there,i am intersted on apple iphone 4gb.will you tell me is it brand new,unlocked & made in calefornia.if it is plese let me know how can i buy the one.

  • akshay

    I want to apple iphone of 4gb,but i am from india
    and plese tell me its prise also……..

  • ChandraShekhar

    Please give me more details on how to purchase…I am interested.

  • kate

    hey does that iphone work for sprint?

  • fateh

    hey .. I just want to now if there is a real iphone mobile in this price ( 299$ ) ???
    can u send me an e-mail with details ??
    please I need to know becuse I am going to buy this mobile and I don’t know how much is it !!
    so plzz send me your number or your email address ..
    thank you so much anyway …
    waiting ur reply …
    with all my respect.

  • Tirth

    i want this iphone in 300$ , how i bought it ????

    • diego

      hello i am selling a iphone 3g 16gb for 450 dollars, if you interested email me

  • diego

    hello, i am selling a brand new iphone 3g 16gb unlocked, if you interested email me, colombianstunna5@hotmail.com

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