Mobile phones study links use to cancer – again

New study links radiation to chemicals trigger that links to cancerHere we go again. Yet another study finds that there may be a link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer. A new study, published by The Daily Mail, claims that as little as 10 minutes of exposure to radiation from your mobile phone can cause chemical changes in brain cells that can lead to cancer.

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have observed that short-term exposure to low-level mobile phone radiation (at 875Mhz – similar to wireless network frequencies) can trigger a chemical switch within the human and rat cells that controls how the cell divides. Until now, the effect of radiation on the brain has been considered from a thermal standpoint – does it heat the brain enough to cause damage? But this new study concentrates on  the chemical triggers that have been linked to other cancers and represents a new “non-thermal” link to cancer.

Dr. Simon Arthur, a health expert at Dundee University, said the effect was ‘unlikely to cause cancer.” Still, anything that messes with the way a cell divides is worrisome to us – afterall, cancer results from uncontrolled cell division/growth.

Pick up a headset, Bluetooth or wired, and use it as much as possible. It may not turn out to cause cancer, but what if it does? Better safe than sorry – really, really sorry.


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