Motorola: See you later, Qualcomm, we’re going with Texas Instruments

Motorola ditches Qualcomm for Texas InstrumentsMaybe it was Qualcomm’s ongoing and seemingly endless patent disputes. Maybe it was Qualcomm’s high prices. Or maybe it was because royalties were too high. All we know is that Motorola has cut ties with Qualcomm as the supplier for future Motorola handsets’ wireless radios (which are responsible for getting those phones connected to a carrier’s network) – citing “business reasons.”

Whatever these business reasons are, they must have been quite significant. Motorola designers seem to prefer the higher-priced Qualcomm solutions, and the recent appeals court ruling allows Motorola to continue importing handsets with Qualcomm 3G chips into the US. So, if Motorola’s engineers like Qualcomm, and US imports are allowed to resume, there had to have been a pretty good reason to ditch Qualcomm.

Maybe it’s just easier to move on and try to find another relationship, rather than wasting time and hoping that the current relationship works itself out. Wait, we are talking about mobile technology here, aren’t we?

[Via: WMExperts]

  • Tim

    Qualcomm gets the same royalties from a cdma or w-cdma phone weather or not their chip is in the phone.

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